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     As a quintessence conservatory artist, Nathan Cook initially took to his work with oil paint on canvas. He has practiced art for approximately 20 years with a long lull included. Nathan also came from a family of artists. As a child growing up, he painted with his grandmother. He re-emerged when a close friend and author inspired him to sketch characters for a novel. After the project, he decided to commit exclusively to his studies of art for two years. He refers to this period as "Finding My Voice." Influential artists include Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, and Vincent van Gogh.


     His original entry into the arts was in music which continues to drive his passion to this day. He played baritone, tenor, and alto saxophone, along with the electric guitar. Music influences his art which he translates onto canvas or mixed media. His first love of the fine arts began with dry media such as charcoal, pastel, and graphite. Studying album covers brought his attention to the artist Russell Mills. Mills' method of using any medium in complex technique, including digital means, intrigued Nathan. This led him to his current style practiced today.


     Nathan's current focus is on portraits. Often trying to capture an event or an emotion relayed in visual form in color or strokes of chosen media along with abstract use of negative space. This originally traversed him back to his re-emergence piece Broken Promises, which is just one completed part of a series of works. Other branches of his artistic capabilities include video and music editing. The main philosophy of his objective is not the focus on the artist's ego but rather on the pieces themselves. Therefore, he has chosen a lone wolf as his logo of representation.

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