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As a self-taught artist, Nathan Cook began his artistic journey by expressing himself through oil paint on canvas. With over 20 years of artistic practice, Nathan's passion for art was nurtured from an early age within a family of artists. He rediscovered his creative calling when a close friend and author inspired him to create character sketches for a novel. This experience reignited his dedication to art, leading him to devote two years exclusively to his artistic studies, a period he fondly refers to as "Finding My Voice." Influenced by renowned artists like Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, and Vincent van Gogh. Nathan's artistic vision encompasses depth and emotion.


Nathan's artistic pursuits extend beyond visual arts into the realm of music, which continues to inspire and drive his creativity. From playing various instruments in the past, music profoundly influenced his artistic expression. His exploration of different mediums began with dry media, including charcoal, pastel, and graphite. During this time, he discovered the work of artist Russell Mills, whose intricate techniques and use of various mediums, including digital tools, captivated Nathan's imagination. This discovery ultimately shaped his current artistic style.

Presently, Nathan's artistic focus centers around portraiture. He strives to capture the physical likeness, emotions, and narratives behind each subject. Through his skilled use of color, brushwork, and abstract incorporation of negative space, he seeks to convey meaningful moments and experiences. 

At the heart of Nathan's artistic philosophy is a deep reverence for the art itself, emphasizing the power and significance of each individual piece. Reflecting this belief, he has chosen a lone wolf as his representative logo, symbolizing his independent and introspective approach to his craft.

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© 2018-2023 Evolve Studio. All rights reserved

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