Sun and Moon

I believe there is a story behind every painting. One would hope, right? An emotion conveyed through method or color perhaps? I decided to create these two paintings to describe myself and my fiancée, Tara. Painting or any creation of art can’t always be serious for me. I wanted to have fun with these.

For Tara’s colorful painting I chose Pollock as an inspiration. She enjoys his works. I have never been a full-blown abstract artist. I really do not like putting my creations in a “box” to define them so to speak. I do enjoy symbolism for expression. Some of the first paintings in caves used this method for possibly documentation purposes.

If you were asked to paint, or write something to portray the characteristics of a person; what would you do? Most my methods lately has been in the subject of lines. Lines are in everything when you paint, write, or draw. What you do with them can be significant.

Tara, to me has always been colorful, full of joy and energy. We have been studying Buddhism and astrology so that’s what the compositions of the paintings contained. With some symbols that had natural lines with curves I chose straight and also chose to keep curvature with other symbols. When I say, “natural lines,” in nature you rarely find anything containing a completely straight line.

If I told you all the symbols in both paintings, then what fun would it be to analyze them? For mine, Rothko was an inspiration, however I didn’t really choose colors as he would. I chose colors that I felt best describes me. Little is known about Rothko’s painting methods since he painted in private and didn’t document his techniques. I took a crash course in what I could dig up about his works. I painted in glazes with transparent paints – either through chemical manipulation or choice in a particular color.

In the beginning I admired Rothko as a philosopher rather than an artist. It wasn’t until later I could appreciate his color field paintings. It was fun to study his methods, however I chose to work with acrylic rather than oil due to dry time.

I later revised my painting by reconstructing the moon. Originally it was painted by squeeze tube, and frankly threw the whole painting out of balance. I scraped the paint off and painted with the residue by dipping my brushes in gasoline. I continued painting with petrol in other areas. For music, I listened to Puscifier and A Perfect Circle for creative inspiration.


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