Planned Projects

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

At this moment in time, I'm in a planning phase for gathering materials and other resources. I work in a revolving workflow process. This allows me to progress in methods and future works while revisiting previously planned projects with new solutions. Some pieces I may complete that are not mentioned here. The medium I choose to complete these will be dependent on the size I want for presentation. The following is on my schedule in no particular order.

Stevie Nicks Series

I have approximately 3 to 4 of these left to complete based on her early years of popular photographs.

Burn Remix Series

I wanted to attempt to create different perspectives of my original painting, Airborne. Some re-titling may be involved for cataloging purposes. For now, this the only past painting I will be doing for this..

Broken Promises Series

I have delayed this for some time, so my primary focus will be here. Without referencing my notes, I believe there are 9 of these. I will probably work on these when the opportunity presents itself. There are a lot of moving parts I'm still working out.

Waiting Series

This is a side project of Broken Promises. I wanted an alternate project where objectives and resources are more obtainable following the same scope of work as the previously mentioned.


I may build a story board based around some of Twin Shadow's music. I don't have any plans on paper as of right now.


The availability of prints will come shortly. I found a great print shop that does amazing work. With that said, I'm going to keep sizing limited. I'm still working out kinks for shipping outside of the U.S.



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