I have been a lot of things in my life. Sometimes I'm liked and sometimes not. I prefer the prior.

I struggle with myself day in and day out. I try to be the person that echoes righteousness. Being a true humanitarian at all costs. It always doesn't turn out that way. It has cost me considerably however. Self sacrifice in emotion and energy; and possibly my well being.

In the end I have to deal with loss. Loss in many factors, including people. I have never come to terms dealing with losing someone. Especially if it's my own doing. No amount of apologies are accepted. It comes across as a failure in my ethos. That I f'd up, didn't meet the standard.

I think everyone has been there in some fashion. Please appreciate those closest to you. The people that truly know you. They may not be around forever. You may burn that bridge to the ground and everything around it.

In the end, I or you, is always the one left picking up the pieces. The humility of total destruction of those that you love is whats left that echoes. You have to look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Can you accept what you see, and if you don't can you change it?


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