C0put3r L0v3

I was bored one night and remembered I had a photo I took for stock. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I have been kind of poking around in reading/research material during the 1400 time period and remembered one of Michelangelo’s works. I thought about his, “Creation of Adam.” In a world where social media is a tether to one’s persona – even to the point where it’s defining one’s self character; where did it come from? Are we truly the creator of our own evil? The time honored stories of people falling trap to their own desires, creating our own sins – vanity.

The titled piece I created up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start tried to capture the mentioned idea. The title is from the old Nintendo game, “Contra.” I wanted it to be an entry test piece. I knew in my mind I wanted to have another attempt for a couple revisions. The long titled picture, comes across as blurred, coarse, and unnatural. Perhaps the way I think these electronic aids are unnatural to our existence, but we some how managed to make ourselves dependent on them for our culture.

The next revision, shown here, titled “C0put3r L0v3,” is what I truly visually wanted to portray. Almost an ordain captured representation of impression. The hand reaching for our creation; the hand being of course a “power glove.” The computer, our son/daughter of our digital being. The computer to me represents self and also culture, even as far as our environment. In the piece, the ones and zeros are scripture, with a wifi symbol to represent the connection to the almighty. These said electronic devices have so much significance they have a clock built into them so we don’t have to divert our eyes.

The irony however is I did not create these pieces. I simply orchestrated the composition. A computer painted them. My hand contributed very little to the finished product. I did input and manipulate what the software saw to create the piece. I have one more revision for those that enjoy color in their life – that will come later. Is technology God, or are we God to technology?

Music by Mothermary | Album: After Dark 3 | Title: Resurrection