Burn Series Completion

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I wrapped up this series with a happy ending. I really wanted to keep it at 4 pictures representing 4 seasons. The color palette achieved throughout was limited. On an emotional expression level, I was able to portray current feelings. This was a fun project for experimentation purposes. I wanted to create a clockwise timeline of events for this series; metaphorically, life's processes.

To me, the original painting was too beautiful to let die and not have a stand in this series. I didn't want to restore the original in digital, because I feel it wouldn't do it justice. There are textures that can't be replicated, and possibly cheapened by a print offering. I did however recreate it in digital form well enough to stand on it's own for a print. One thing that bothered me through this project is the original canvas height was a bit awkward to replicate for printing purposes. I chose that specific canvas size for the painting to add elements in a counterclockwise fashion. To balance the series overall, I reduced the height.

Often, I paint in a psychological effect manner. Left to right as to reading, or a path for the eyes to follow. Other times, I may attempt something for rapid eye activity. Maybe hidden or small objects for a suggestive idea. I also use the psychological effects of colors. Since experimenting digitally with this series there are colors that won't register on a cognitive level, but only in subliminal way.

Without further ado, the pictures Before Sunrise and Reborn. As things in nature get replicated, or healed during the twilight hours; so do you. There is something new happening just before the sun crests to light your visual plane. You can only see the discovery once light is shown upon it. Something new and something beautiful.

(Music by Desire | Song: Colorless Sky |


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