Updated: Sep 2, 2019

This is a revisit to one of my favorite paintings I completed about a year ago, Airborne. The original is no longer in my possession. I wanted the current reworked version to signify the beginning of a new era for me in art and my personal life.

The original painting was inspired by Oliver Davis's Airborne Dances concerto. The painting and music signified beauty and happiness to me. The current, Burn Remix, signifies the opposite end of the spectrum. The burning embers of something that once was and the ashes it would soon become. I also wanted it to represent an ending to a chapter and moving forward that could be applied to anyone's life.

I have been listening to Twin Shadow's Night Rally Mixtape. I'm not sure with it's limited online release that it's technically an album. It's more so his unreleased music and demos. The collection resonates with me on a deep level. I chose the track, Back Burner, for inspiration behind this. I feel as though it fits my piece well by portraying a bittersweet romantic situation. My interpretation of the song is yearning/love, then turns to despair with the lyrics and tones of the hook. In conclusion, the contrasting elements I intended to relay to compare both works of art are found in this piece of music. I hope you enjoy.

(Music by Twin Shadow | Song: Back Burner |


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